Pumping Is A Whole New Ballgame

This is my life now. I feel like this thing is always attached to me, and to escape it means my daughter might go hungry. My breastfeeding journey has been easy for me (minus a few minor issues along the way) so I had no idea that pumping would be this hard.

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Why We Chose NOT To Publish Our Daughter’s Name On The Internet

You probably read the recent blog post about how I got my husband to let me post all the things on the internet, so it may come as a surprise that we decided NOT to share our daughter’s name on the internet at all. There is a rather simple explanation for our choice, but seeing as it seems to conflict against our share-everything policy, I wanted to share that reason with you.

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Marriage After Baby Is Hard

Marriage is hard. Marriage after having a baby is harder. Marriage when that baby is cranky, won’t sleep, learns to scream on purpose to get your attention, and you’re living off little sleep and lots of caffeine…feels impossible.

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Summer Reading: Chore or Privilege

For as long as I can remember, books were a chore because they often led to an evaluation of some sort. The problem with this is that I love to learn new things, and most of the time knowledge comes from a book. So, I have decided to try and incorporate reading back into my life, and take back the task as a privilege.

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How I Got My Husband To Let Me Share All-The-Things On The Internet

how i got my husband to let me post all the things on the internet

If you know my husband, you would say that he is a relatively private person, and that his existence on social media is solely published by other people. So how is it that I am able to share so much about our life with the world..? I asked permission.

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Postpartum Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

The thing about postpartum that most don’t understand is that it isn’t always depression at all, and that there is a spectrum of each of the emotions involved.

One of the most common ones is anger. Not necessarily angry at your baby, but BIG anger at the smallest things–like when your husband throws out the rest of your coffee when you were busy in the next room feeding your baby, or when he is snoring obnoxiously next to you while you are awake at the crack of dawn for the third time to feed your little monster, or when your baby’s noises just annoy the f*ck out you in that very moment, or when the mailman doesn’t read the sign and rings the damn doorbell that one time your kid actually decided to nap. Patience wears thin, and not just because the sheer lack of sleep… Sometimes one good scream in the next room is all you need to regain your composure and deal with your screaming newborn for another hour before they decide to settle on a whim. Because you have tried everything several times to soothe them. Every. Damn. Thing. More than once. View Full Post “Postpartum Comes In All Shapes And Sizes”

Baby Is Here!

She’s here! She is beautiful and strong and growing so fast. If you want, you can read all about our birth story but for now, a big thank you to our photographer, Lisa Johnson, for these amazing keepsakes from our first family portrait session. They are the perfect pair with the gorgeous barnwood frame we got our hands on for our home, and I love walking by and smiling at it every day.

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Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party

Looking back, this post is actually a pregnancy reveal to for many of you, since the majority of our parenting adventures have been posted on my belly and baby blog …oops. Surprise! We’re expecting a little one in the new year and we’ve been busy getting everything ready.

We hosted our baby shower this month to celebrate with close friends and family, and I must say that it was such a fun event regardless of why we all got together. Anyone who knows me personally knows just how much I love family–it helps that I have an awesome one!–so this was no different.

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I Know I’ve Been MIA, Here’s Why

So the last post I published was about our Christmas holidays–over 6 months ago, yikes! But don’t let that fool you into thinking I’ve left the blogging world. I have simply been busy with life & work, and haven’t quite found the balance that allows for me to keep posting about my personal life. That and I stopped inventing or recreating recipes, and opted out of the 365 project for 2018. BUT now that things have settled a little bit after moving into the new house, and while I am much busier with my businesses, I have more of a streamlined process and have a little more time to start writing again.

First things first, I have transitioned from eating keto to eating low-carb and healthy. What does that mean? I now enjoy sugar-free smoothies in the morning that include bananas or cherries, and a tasty glass of [pure] orange juice on the weekends. I still avoid pasta and potatoes, and other culprits like bread and any processed sugar or sugar-substitutes. So yes, some nut-free, sugar-free recipes might be in the works in the future. But for now, I am just focusing on eating healthy, and finding foods that don’t make me feel like crap. So far, so good.

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