When Baby Refuses The Bottle

When baby refuses the bottle, shove it in their mouth. Sort of. The milk, not the bottle. Let me explain the background on this one first. When my little girl was a month old, I was running on no sleep, no energy, and my husband was back at work. So, when he offered to do one of the night feeds for me so that I could get 4-6 hours of straight sleep instead of only 2-3, I begrudgingly agreed and bought myself a Haakaa to collect some of my milk. It went great! Fast forward to just over a month later, and bottles were apparently poison. Seriously, the screams coming out of this child sounded like death was imminent. As time passed, mama needed get back to work, which meant bottles needed to happen. Hundreds of dollars spent later on different bottles and nipples, we finally found the solution. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

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The Food Allergies Begin

It’s been a while since I have posted #babyfoodsadultsactuallywanttoeat recipes because we have been dealt the added challenge of little miss being allergic to dairy. Yeah–anyone who knows me knows that dairy is like 80% of what I consume.

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Babyproofing Can Be Simple!

When our daughter started crawling, it became evident that our space was not exactly child-friendly. Baby-safe, sure! But not so much for little movers. We needed to find a solution that kept baby safe, still looked pretty for my home-based business, and could be easily removed when outgrown.

Other than the obvious of baby gates and plug covers, I didn’t really know what else I needed. I could have crawled around the house myself to find the problems—as if I have time for that while keeping up with my little girl!?—so I brought in the big guns. Yup, the first thing they said was to lower that crib…

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How I Potty Trained My 6-Months-Old

Nope. Never thought I’d be thaaaat mom. You know, the one who makes her newborn take a sh*t over the toilet. Hell, I would’ve bet money against it! But lo and behold we found ourselves with a six-month-old who happily takes dumps on the toilet like an adult–in more ways than one!

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White Peach Ricotta Medley

Peach Ricotta Medley - Baby Foods Adults Actually Want To Eat

The white peach ricotta medley is a great way to experiment with new textures, and to incorporate dairy into baby’s diet.

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Baby Foods Adults Actually Want To Eat


Introducing new foods to baby can be a daunting task, or a fun challenge depending on how you choose to look at it. We really didn’t want to do the boring purée thing, especially since we wanted to give her homemade food, so the challenge we decided to embark on is to create baby foods adults actually want to eat.

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Baby’s First Foods

With all of the ever-changing guidelines and recommendations and fads out there, it can be super daunting to try and figure out what is best for your baby. While I am no expert, I have spoken with a Registered Dietitian and the additional information I was given was astounding, and reassured me over so many fears that I had from reading all the things on the internet. So I figured I would share a few tidbits along with our journey through food with little miss.

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