Honeymoon in San Francisco – Our Trip In Review

Honeymoon in San Francisco

Our Trip In Review, With Photos

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We spent a full 10 days on our honeymoon and I must say that it was a well-needed vacation, and a chance for us to reconnect after a stressful few months with the move to the new house. We did something new and exciting every single day, and took the time to relax when needed. Great company, good food, and a ton of fun. I’ve put together a list of all the cool things we did, where we ate, where we stayed, and gave recommendations and a review where I could. We loved San Francisco, and I highly suggest you add it to your travel list if it is not already there! View Full Post “Honeymoon in San Francisco – Our Trip In Review”

Behind The Scenes of my DIY Wedding | Ottawa Bride

wedding photo gatineau marriage ceremony wood welcome sign grange de la gatineau

Read on as I walk you through the behind the scenes of my DIY wedding, the things you can skimp on to splurge on the rest, and the things that you absolutely should outsource in order to have the best day possible with the least amount of stress. And yes, there are a few DIY tutorials for some of the decor items.

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Engagement Bliss In The Cherry Blossoms

stephanie de montigny cherry blossoms arboretum photos ottawa melissa morrissey photography man vintage cardigan with woman with blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and stunning pink polka dot dress

I recently set out on the adventure of getting engagement photos done with my fiancé, and the gallery is back. They are amazing, and I am even more excited for the wedding ones now! View Full Post “Engagement Bliss In The Cherry Blossoms”

I was on the radio! | My keto weightloss story of how I dropped 6 inches in under 4 months

There’s no denying that it was super cool to find out I was going to be on the radio. Combined with the nerves, my excitement was evident. Luckily I tend to perform surprisingly well in stressful situations, and while I don’t like to give speeches to crowds, I certainly am a talker! I finally received the audio, and while I am totally guilty of having fast-forwarded to hear my part, the show as a whole was quite interesting to follow. Hearing everyone’s unique weightloss success stories, along with doctor snippets, really gives perspective on the no-diet-fits-all theory. Definitely consult a professional before you dive into something drastically affecting your health, good or bad. Without further ado: the interview about my keto weightloss story. View Full Post “I was on the radio! | My keto weightloss story of how I dropped 6 inches in under 4 months”

Art House Cafe Ottawa – Art Gallery or Coffee Shop


I love supporting local businesses, especially when they support local artists and help the community grow. Not only does it help our spirits, but it improves the local economy. In a huge city like Ottawa, if each of us spent an extra dollar at a small business instead of a corporation each month, that’s almost a million dollars into the local economy every single month. Talk about an amazing investment! Need a suggestion on where to spend that dollar? Try The Art House Cafe, in the heart of Chinatown, which is a two-in-one establishment: an art gallery & coffee shop — best of both worlds!

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Date Night In is the new Anniversary Splurge

couple date night in flowers tablescape table setting personal chef cooked meal wine candles

The first time it was suggested to me to hire a personal chef for a date night in, my initial reaction was something alone the lines of “Right; cause I’m just made of money..!” and I didn’t give it a second thought. The thing is, now that I have experienced it first hand, it was one of the best date-night experiences I have had in a long time! Let me tell you why. View Full Post “Date Night In is the new Anniversary Splurge”