I was on the radio! | My keto weightloss story of how I dropped 6 inches in under 4 months

There’s no denying that it was super cool to find out I was going to be on the radio. Combined with the nerves, my excitement was evident. Luckily I tend to perform surprisingly well in stressful situations, and while I don’t like to give speeches to crowds, I certainly am a talker! I finally received the audio, and while I am totally guilty of having fast-forwarded to hear my part, the show as a whole was quite interesting to follow. Hearing everyone’s unique weightloss success stories, along with doctor snippets, really gives perspective on the no-diet-fits-all theory. Definitely consult a professional before you dive into something drastically affecting your health, good or bad. Without further ado: the interview about my keto weightloss story.

My keto weightloss story

I have previously written about how my journey through the ketogenic lifestyle started, so if you haven’t already give that a read and want to learn more, I highly recommend you head over to the original article on how eating keto changed my life.

The Weight Loss Radio Show

Hosted: Ryan McCormick, Goldman McCormick PR
Listen to the full show: http://www.outerlimitsradio.com/weightloss/



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4 thoughts on “I was on the radio! | My keto weightloss story of how I dropped 6 inches in under 4 months

      1. Do you crave sweets of any kind? Anything from your old way of eating?
        I am looking for a tasty keto chocolate treat but am concerned that finding one may trigger even more cravings… And throw me off keto for good!

        1. In the beginning I certainly did, but the best way to get around it was to stay away from the fake-sweets altogether to avoid those false cravings. I still crave my berries, so I eat them often but in moderation. As far as chocolates or cakes go, it’s easier to avoid them and much easier to say no when someone offers a snack or dessert at an event or party. Figure out WHY you’re getting the craving, and adjust your meals accordingly. It is often a particular nutrient that your body wants. I am sure there is a nutritionist in your area who can help you dive deeper into it!

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