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When you think of sponsored content, you might think of the commercial you saw while watching an episode of your favourite TV show, you might think of that cliché social media ad with the sale banner, or you might think of celebrity endorsements. What I propose is something a little more personal. What most people forget about is that the majority of purchasers are regular people like you and me, and we turn to our friends for advice when buying that next big (or little!) thing, and those around us who just went through that experience.

As a blogger, while my audience might be smaller than you would achieve through a social media or television campaign, the biggest difference to your advantage is that they are already interested in what I am posting about. This means that if your product fits into my content seamlessly, you are that much closer to getting in front of your target audience, who are often ready to buy.

I love working with brands I already use on a daily basis, products that provide a solution to my needs as a new mom or as a canadian family, companies that respect my core values, and I love to think outside the box.

The lifestyle blog is all about family life with our new daughter, the challenges and beauty of motherhood, creating delicious foods for baby AND parents, and a growing list of mom hacks.

My social media profiles also have #TheSdeMontignyWineChronicles series where I rediscover wine post-pregnancy, and the #ThriftedInOttawa series where I take my audience on thrifting adventures and help save the environment one item at a time.

I also run a photography business, where my followers and subscribers are interested in all things prenatal & baby & family, and I am happy to cross-promote within all of the platforms available to me & provide professional quality portraits of your product(s) and/or service(s).

If you think we can achieve great things together, please complete the form below or email hello@stephaniedemontigny.com to request a custom quote.

I look forward to working with you!