Reupholstering Vintage Kitchen Chairs | DIY Project


Our adventure to reupholster vintage chairs began so we could have beautiful and unique chairs to sit upon at our wedding reception’s sweetheart table, and it was a roaring success! And let me tell you that when I say vintage, I mean super authentic and really old! How old, you ask? Check out the ‘cushion’ that we found beneath the fabric! Yep, that’s straw! And yes, my dad helped and supplied the power tools…
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Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter

A Beginner's Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter - cheese platter brie mine pun wine vintage lace

If you’ve ever been in my company at a cocktail party or luncheon, you know very well that I will be hanging out near the veggies and cheese platters. I mean, it’s cheese! This has not changed since I converted to the ketogenic lifestyle, I just can’t put in on crackers or top with jam anymore. Even the most experienced cheese-eaters like myself who have a knack for visual creativity have trouble designing the perfect cheese platter. So I have sourced this amazing Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter infographic for you that explains all you need to do — Enjoy!  View Full Post “Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter”

Vintage Rag Quilt Craft Photo Prop | DIY Tutorial


During a well earned vacation I was able to complete a DIY project that has been on my to-do list for quite a while. I’ve got a few of these in the studio already, and plan to make some more for props and for myself (who doesn’t love a big warm comfy vintage blanket!).
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Upcycled Chalk Paint Mason Jar

upcycled chalk paint mason jar tutorial

Since moving into my new & bigger studio, I am happy to have a lot more space to work with. In between photoshoots, editing marathons, and home-cooked meals, I’ve occasionally got time to do a quick task or two from my current DIY projects to keep my creative mind rolling.  Since the move to the larger space, I felt that my studio lacked in the decor department. Of course, there are tons of gorgeous art pieces on the walls, and a few heirloom albums and samples on the tables, but I really wanted to make the studio seem a little more homey and pretty. A lace doily with a mason jar filled with flowers seemed just right!

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