365 Days of Happy | 365 Project for 2017

Day 2, 365 Project, 365 Days of Happy, Welcome to 2017

It is easy to get caught up in your life and in the negativity around you, and to forget how great you’ve got it. Even though sometimes it may not seem like it, there is still at least one great thing in your life that makes you happy. It can be as simple as the pretty latte art you were given at the cafe, or as meaningful as a surprise visit from your mom, or as seemingly-random as the comfort of your favourite leggings. Whatever it is, if it makes you happy, you need to remind yourself of it. That is my 365 project for 2017. Every day, for the entire year, no matter what, I will write about something that makes me happy: 365 DAYS OF HAPPY. I invite you to join me in creating the happiest year for yourself!¬†#sdemontigny365daysofhappy2017

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