Christmas 2017 – Favourite Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are always a fun thing to hear what other families do differently than yours, to hear about similarities, and to get great inspiration from completely out-of-the box ideas. This year was the first my partner and I spent together as husband and wife, and in our new home. When it comes to Christmas, I have got a boatload of traditions that I want to keep going, but this year felt like the perfect year to just do ‘us’, before the family and children come into play. And of course, we kept our little ornament tradition alive! View Full Post “Christmas 2017 – Favourite Holiday Traditions”

Christmas 2016 – What Are Your Holiday Traditions?


Every family has traditions, whether they be holiday related or not. One of the most interesting things in a new relationship is finding a way to combine those traditions together, and create new ones of your own. Since our families live so far apart, we find ourselves hopping back and forth between them, leaving¬†very little time for ourselves and to come up with elaborate new traditions.¬†We started small, and for our first Christmas together, we decided that instead of spending a ton of money on potentially useless expensive gifts for each other, that we would put the money towards saving up for a down payment on our future home, and buy each other an ornament for our Christmas tree instead. Christmas 2016 was no different! View Full Post “Christmas 2016 – What Are Your Holiday Traditions?”