The Ketogenic Lifestyle Gave Me My Life Back

stephanie de montigny ottawa blogger keto weight loss success storyThose of you who know me personally are likely aware of my struggles for the last few years with fluctuating weight. Going from starvingly sick student, to depressingly-eating-everything-fat, and going from one to the other without much of a transition. But hey, “that’s how it is through university”, “that’s normal”, they said. No. It is not. Bouncing back and forth from plus-size to skin&bones is NOT healthy. It’s time it stops.

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Blogging in the 613

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The first post often sets the tone for the entire blog, and frankly I think that is a little boring. Instead, I have decided that I am going to start us off with an off-topic post, which means you will have to ponder and guess as to what the blog is actually about. Since this post has so far been about nothing, the blog could technically be about everything! I thought for hours on what to write about and decided there was nothing good enough to be the first post. The thing is, there is no such thing as perfect in life. There is no perfect time or place to start, no perfect topic, no perfect beginning. So here we are, taking the first step; making the most of what you have and not being afraid to be yourself. Now, onto more blogging in the 613.

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