Image Subscription Plans

Running a business is hard work! It takes a lot of time and dedication to keep things going according to plan, and a ton of things to do behind the scenes. Managing your social media presence is an added task often required to reach new clients that can easily become overwhelming.

One way to alleviate some of the stress is having a bank of images to choose from—especially when they are custom to your business needs. Choosing to invest in an image subscription means that you will always have curated images to publish to your social media accounts and website that they will always be consistent and on-point to your brand, so that all you have to do is pick the best captions.

I would love to work with you and help you make navigating the world of social media that much easier.


Limited Time Offer: SAVE $50/month on 6+ months subscriptions until December 31, 2019 (prices are in Canadian dollars).

• monthly planning session
• 60 images
• commercial release
• monthly planning session
• 30 images
• commercial release
• monthly planning session
• 15 images
• commercial release

Please reach out for more details or to create a custom package for your small business needs:


Is this only for product images?

The resulting images can absolutely be used by non-shops as well who want branded photography for their social media, advertising etc. For example, a business coach may send items like a notebook and a branded coffee mug, etc. to be photographed with their brand colours (ex: pink & gold or black & white) OR an artist might send a few supplies. The planning session will hash out all of the details for each month’s shoot.


How many products can I send?

It is recommended to plan for 5 images per product in order to adequately showcase the product to potential buyers, in order to capture all of the angles, uses, etc. If you choose to only send one product for the month, the photographer will capture that product in more than one scenario to add variety to your gallery. For branding images, you may send an unlimited number of props/accessories, but the photographer reserves creative liberty on how many to use in any given image. You have the opportunity to make requests and state preferences during the planning calls, which can change month-to-month.

Are models included? 

To upgrade one month’s session to include model(s), an additional fee of $75 per model will apply. To upgrade the entire subscription to include model(s), an additional fee of $50 per model, per month will apply. Model specifics and requirements must be discussed at least one month in advance so that your photographer can plan accordingly. 

Can I be the ‘model’? I’d love some images for about-me posts and behind-the-scenes captures.

You are more than welcome to add a branding session to your subscription, and quarterly on-location options are available. The photo studio is located in Ottawa, or I can come to your place of business within Canada with travel expenses paid.

What if I would like additional images during a subscription month? 

You may choose to upgrade the number of images fulfilled in any given month to a larger subscription option or to purchase individual images in surplus of your subscription package (pro-rated). These details are to be discussed during the planning sessions. 

Do I pay monthly or in advance?

You are required to pay in full when you sign up for the service (3 or 6 or 12 months) in order to guarantee that the rates do not change during your subscription period. You may also choose to only book one product photography session at a time, at the regular rates. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

When do I receive the images?

Your images are delivered electronically by the 1st of every month part of your subscription. Example: items received in May will be photographed & images delivered by end of day on May 31st. Rush delivery is also available during non-peak periods, for an additional fee.

When do I send my products? 

Products must be delivered to the studio no later than the 10th day of each month. It is recommended to mail your items earlier.

Where do I mail my products? 

The portrait studio is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the exact mailing address will be provided after signing up for the subscription. 

Will my products be returned to me? 

Due to the nature of staging, modelling, and general use, some wear and tear of your items is to be expected, and therefore the items are not typically returned unless requested. Should you wish to send reusable props for the duration of your subscription that you would like to be returned, or if your products are non-consumables and you would like them back, it is your responsibility to provide a pre-paid return shipping label (with tracking) with your initial shipment. Your photographer is not liable for loss or damage during or after shipment.

What if my products arrive late? 

If your products arrive after the 10th, but before the 15th of the month, a service fee of $75 will be due to rush photography services for that month. Should your items arrive on or after the 15th of the month, no photography services will be rendered that month AND no refund will be offered. You may choose to have those items photographed the next month, or you may choose to have them returned to you, with a pre-paid return shipping label (with tracking). 

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