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Product Photography | Ottawa Photographer

Quality product images allow your audience and target clients to see your product on display and in-action, which builds trust in the product and its maker, and encourages people to buy when they feel confident about a product. Product photography is great for using on social media and networking sites like Instagram or Facebook, on your website’s shopping pages, and on third party sites like Etsy or Amazon or Shopify.

These portraits can be captured in-studio for consistency across the entire shop, or in an alternate location to better suit your business. Each business is different and has a unique set of requirements and desired results. As such, each business is quoted on an individual basis in relation to its individual needs. Custom packages are based upon the amount of time required to complete the work, in addition to image licensing (usage fees). Most small businesses invest upwards of $500. Trade-for-products options are also available.

Please email or complete the form below to request a custom quote. Image Subscription Plans are also available.




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Please email to schedule a consultation and request a custom quote, or fill out the form below. I look forward to working with you.